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1 Castle of the Winds: A Question of Vengeance
2 Descent
3 Flight of the Amazon Queen
4 Warzone 2100
5 Subspace - Continuum
6 One Must Fall 2097
7 It Came from the Desert II: Antheads
8 The Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2)
9 Wild Metal Country
10 Marathon 2

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Illusion Softworks

Illusion Softworks is located in Brno, in the Czech Republic and was founded by Petr Vochozka and the venture capital investors, Cash Reform Group.

Brno, Prague, Zlin (Czech Republic)
Bratislava, Kosice (Slovak Republic)


Game List:

Hidden And Dangerous

Released: 30 July 1999
Game data: Binary executable, Data
Genre: First Person Shooter
Language: English
OS: Windows 9x, Windows XP
Hidden And Dangerous screenshots