Top 10 Games

1 Castle of the Winds: A Question of Vengeance
2 Descent
3 Flight of the Amazon Queen
4 Warzone 2100
5 Subspace - Continuum
6 One Must Fall 2097
7 It Came from the Desert II: Antheads
8 The Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2)
9 Wild Metal Country
10 Marathon 2

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Pumpkin Studios

PC and console game developer, closed its doors on March 13, 2000. After creating Warzone 2100, Pumpkin took over an ill-fated project called Saboteur from developer Tigon. Publisher Eidos decided to pull out of the PlayStation (1) market and move on to the next-generation consoles and cancelled the project. Without funding, Pumpkin Studios shut down operations.


Game List:

Warzone 2100

Released: 9 April 1999
Game data: Data, Source Code
Genre: Science Fiction, Real Time Strategy, Action
Language: English
OS: Windows 9x, Windows XP, Linux
Warzone 2100 screenshots