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Fish Fillets

by ALTAR interactive

Fish Fillets is strictly a puzzle game. The goal in every of the seventy levels is always the same: find a safe way out. The fish utter witty remarks about their surroundings, the various inhabitants of their underwater realm quarrel among themselves or comment on the efforts of your fish. The whole game is accompanied by quiet, comforting music.


Once upon a time there were two fish. They worked for a fishstitution so secret that even they didn't know its name. It investigated UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects), searched through wrecks of land-based vessels known as "floating saucers" and carried out DIVER (Deeply Interesting and Very Expensive Research). One day, one particularly nasty UFO invaded the underwater realm, wreaking havoc as it zigzagged along the ocean floor. It struck the little house of the two fish and destroyed it beyond recognition. As our heroes set out on their quest to restore the peace, they learned that the Agency has put them in charge of eight different missions. Only when they complete them all do they have a chance to get back home. Their only consolation is the Agency's motto: The solution is out there...

Playing the game

You are in control of two fish and you must use them to rearrange the objects in a given level in such a way that the fish can exit unharmed. One of the fish is bigger and can move even heavy steel objects while the other one is smaller and can enter the holes and corridors that are too narrow for its bigger partner. Simple as it may seem, this principle offers a variety matched only by its complexity. In seventy levels of Fish Fillets players meet essentially the same challenge, but the "trick" you have to find in order to complete the level is always different. This game offers hours and hours of mind-boggling, skull-bursting enjoyment.

Fish Fillets is an ideal game for parents concerned about the violent content of most computer games. Though catchy and addictive it contains no violence at all. This doesn't mean that the levels are boring and dull. Quite the contrary, the fish utter witty remarks about their surroundings, the various inhabitants of their underwater realm quarrel among themselves or comment on the efforts of your fish. All of this makes the game amusing and playful.

Fish Fillets features seventy levels grouped into eight "paths". Initially, only one path is open to the fish. When you manage to complete first few levels however, new paths become available and you can choose the path you wish to follow. This arrangement has the advantage that if you get "stuck" with one level you can progress along some other path.


Operating System:
Windows 9x, Windows XP

Game data:
Binary executable, Data, Source Code

Released: 1 January 1998
Rereleased: 1 December 2002
Added to RIP: 5 June 2005
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